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Git expliquer

$ git branch my_feature   # Creating the branch  
$ git checkout my_feature   # Changing the codebase so that we're on that branch now  
$ git checkout -b my_feature   # This does the two previous operations in one ;)  
$ git add file1 file2  
$ git commit -m "Meaningful commit message"   # We didn't just commit this on the master branch like last time, but on the my_feature one  
$ git add .  
$ git commit -m "Other meaningful commit message"  
$ git push origin my_feature   # Notice: we're not pushing master anymore, you just create a new remote branch
Chris Nzoka-okoye

Git expliquer

$ git checkout my_feature   # Just making sure you're currently on the right branch!  
$ git pull origin my_feature   # Pulling what your coworkers have done so far.
Chris Nzoka-okoye

Git expliquer

$ git clone url_of_your_remote_repository   # Clone a repository from a remote repository  
$ git add file1 file2    # will add those two files to the index if they were modified  
$ git commit -m "Meaningful commit message"   # will commit those two files (locally)  
$ git add .   # will add all of the modified files to the index at once  
$ git commit -m "Other meaningful commit message"   # will commit all of those files together  
$ git push origin master   # send all commit to the remote server
Chris Nzoka-okoye

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